Steve Clayton And Aidan Booth – The Kibo Code

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Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth – The Kibo Code
Original Price: $3497
You Just Pay: $159.95 (One Time – 97% OFF)
Author:_Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth
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Product Delivery : You will receive a receipt with download link through email.
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Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth – The Kibo Code
Original Price: $3497
You Just Pay: $159.95 (One Time – 97% OFF)
Author:_Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth
Sale Page:_
Product Delivery : You will receive a receipt with download link through email.
Contact me for the proof and payment detail: Or Skype_Macbus87

A No-Holds Barred, Recession-Proof Step-By-Step Blueprint Revealing The Secret System We Use To Generate Up to $76,993/day in Revenue…And How You Can Use It Too!
You don’t need:
A product of your own
A Facebook Ad account
An Amazon Seller account
Social Media accounts
Any technical knowledge
Any web design skills
No investment in inventory
No branding
No dealing with overseas suppliers
With the system that we are telling you about today, you don’t need to worry about ANY of this…
All the risks, issues and time-consuming activities have been completely and utterly ELIMINATED.
The system models itself on a chain of famous “brick & mortar” stores in Japan, called “Don Quijote”.
These stores make BILLIONS of dollars every year selling literally every single type of product you can possibly imagine.
Everything from Towels, to TV’s to Trenchcoats to Tamagochi’s…
What they do is load up their storefronts and shelving with different types of products to see what sells the best…
They then place the best-selling products in more visible places (and remove what does not sell…)
Then they continue to add, test, replace and optimize their product offerings to boost their sales and increase their profits…
…until they have a “store” stacked full of products that ALL convert like gangbusters.
We do exactly the same – but the difference is that we do it online.
To sum everything up about the Kibo Code system and the benefits of your membership, let’s recap on some critical points…
The method is simple, fast and highly effective — and we firmly believe that literally ANYONE, regardless of age or experience, can achieve similar results.
The profit margins and sheer speed at which you can make serious money is UNRIVALLED by any other online (or offline) business models that we know of.
This is a true “lifestyle business” that is fun, rewarding, enjoyable and can be run from the comfort of your own home.
You don’t need to deal with Amazon, Facebook, overseas suppliers and the competition is essentially non-existent.
You’re getting all the tools, training and resources you need to run this business including your websites, assets and other custom items done-for-you by us.
You DON’T need to do niche or market research, spend money on website development, write product descriptions or create any product images.
You can get rapid results – in fact, it is perfectly possible to generate as much as $2500+ per day with just 3 products.
This is absolutely PROVEN. We use this system to generate tens of thousands of dollars on a daily basis and our “beta students” are hitting the 6-figure mark on a monthly basis.
There are NO TRAFFIC ISSUES. You take advantage of untapped sources of ultra-targeted “buyer” traffic which will enable you to haul in sales almost instantly.
You will get a free “all-access” pass to our live event and come away from the event armed with a treasure chest of secrets and strategies and a true competitive edge.
You will also get exclusive access to the 3 special bonuses which would usually cost in excess of $10,000 if we were to sell them separately.
If you are just getting started or have failed before, this is the best way we have ever seen to get into gear and hit the ground running.
If you already have an online business, you won’t need to jump ship or shift your focus as most parts of this business can be automated.
There are NO upsells and nothing else to buy. The Kibo Code is one complete package and you will get FREE access to all the updates we make in the future.
Remember, we have coached and worked with thousands of people from all over the world, helping them to build and scale their online businesses – and we can help you too.

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Dear Affiliates & JV Partners,

We are extremely excited to announce the launch of The Kibo Code.

Every single year since 2008, our JV partners and affiliates have made many millions of dollars from our annual launch and this time round will be no exception.

We are expecting it to be our biggest launch EVER. In fact, we’re not just predicting it… we know it – and there is a very good reason why…

This is WITHOUT a doubt the easiest to understand, simplest, most predictable and most profitable business model we have ever taught. It really is eCommerce DONE DIFFERENTLY in a way that people have NOT seen before.

Not only do we have millions of dollars in in-house earnings as proof, we have absolutely tons of incredible testimonials from students who are currently crushing it with this model.

Bear this in mind…

Our biggest launch of all time was 7 Figure Cycle back in 2018. It was a COLOSSAL success.

However, there were a number of key objections that people were worried about when considering buying that course. Even with these objections, it STILL did over $11 million in sales during launch week.

With this method, you don’t need to involve Amazon, you don’t need to deal with warehouses or foreign suppliers – neither do you need to run Facebook Ads or worry about inventory.

In other words this model ELIMINATES of ALL of those common objections.

As a result, we are expecting this launch to comfortably exceed that $11Million record by quite some margin – and we are fully expecting it to be YOUR biggest affiliate pay day EVER.

We will have more information for you soon.

For now, get the dates in your calendar and get signed up to the JV list above so we can keep you updated.

Here are some additional detail on previous launch results as well as the incredible prizes that we’re going to be giving away.

We will be updating you soon with more information. To ensure you get the updates, please sign up to the notification list right away. Thanks for you support!

Aidan & Steve



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